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What is Over-The-Top (OTT)?


An advanced television video ad delivery platform that enables advertisers in local DMA’s to target viewers through reputable and validated data targeting sets.

CompulseOTT, a division of Sinclair, is for any advertiser or ad agency that is finding it difficult to reach over-the-top viewers. CompulseOTT is an advanced video ad delivery platform that enables advertisers in local DMA’s to target viewers of OTT television programming though reputable and validated data targeting sets. 


One Stop Solution: Ability to execute any impression target, in any DMA, with multiple creatives, placed on one or more invoices, allowing for great flexibility Transparency: validated, & accurate reporting on all campaigns Responsiveness: Dedicated Account Managers provide prompt support & personalized assistance Quality: Direct relationships with top OTT TV Brands provides the highest quality inventory Unduplicated Reach: CompulseOTT targets the elusive “Cord-Cutter” audience, providing valuable opportunity to give campaigns an extended reach Accuracy: Highest percent of delivery to target audience—CompulseOTT partners with the top data & measurement providers, ensuring a high accuracy of impression delivery High Engagement: Viewers of CompulseOTT ads have high engagement levels as result of our 95% VCR. Viewers must watch ads to receive content. 


Scale: 100%—210 Nielsen DMA’s Commercial length 15 & 30 sec Direct inventory relationships with leading TV brands All ads are non-skippable— fast-forward is disabled 95% VCR (Verified Completion Rate) 80% of impressions run on CTV & streaming platforms Simple & quick creative turnaround Unique creative in each DMA Brand safe content in a fraud free, quality environment Validated reporting & dashboards Daily campaign management & pacing Audience targeting & integrated data solutions powered exclusively by the most respected data & measurement providers in the industry Strata & MediaOcean enabled 

Check out this site for more information:  https://compulseott.com/ 

OTT/Streaming video

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